That Justin Bieber Moment

WARNING: If you’re a Justin Bieber fan this may not be what you’re looking for. 

My daughter told me this: “Mum, Justin Bieber walked onto stage and the audience went mad. They clapped, screamed jumped up and down and just loved him for a whole 5 minutes. He just stood there…. and then he moved his hand to his heart and the crowd went completely wild.”

I thought about this man standing there absorbing these waves of love and adoration coming his way from thousands of people. What it must feel like to get such a huge response from so many at once. The instant gratification of it.  Of course I have no way of ever knowing what he really feels, but I figured it must be very strange, overwhelming, wonderful, surely humbling. And not at all easy.

Which pretty much sums up how I felt when I got freshly pressed. For one thing, I’ve been blogging for exactly 6 weeks. I’m brand new at this and I’m still working my way around the technology. I had just 10 followers, 7 of whom were good friends. My very first one was before I had even written a thing – to feel that person’s belief in me was a powerful and heartwarming thing and still is.

Then I have to confess that when I received the very nice email telling me about being freshly pressed, I had to google it. I didn’t even know what that meant. Now I do.

It felt like I’d gotten up out of bed, stumbled out of the bedroom still befuddled with sleep and walked right onto a stage into the glare of very bright lights with a whole bunch of people cheering me as I appeared. I wasn’t dressed for this.  My inbox bulged with likes, comments and follows. I hardly knew what to do with it all. But that’s life, hey.  It comes to get you ready or not.

Which brings me to you.

I’ve been blown away by your sheer generosity of spirit. For taking the time to read and comment. For the feelings and thoughts you have shared even though we don’t know each other.   For your acknowledgement, congratulations and your recognition.  What moves me  is the growing web of inter-connectedness between kindred souls. I have absolutely no idea where this blog is going, but it feels good to have you alongside on the journey. When you consider there are over 68 million wordpress sites out there, with over 361 million people viewing 48,5 million new posts a month, it’s a wonder we connected. Then again, it’s not surprising that we did.

So this has been an interesting moment for me. But I’m also mindful that it was only a moment, and it has passed. As one lovely new connection put it, one can be in this blogging world in a way that’s not always possible IRL (In Real Life). And it works the other way round too.   As I was busy being completely absorbed in responding to comments and reading other blogs, nothing could have illustrated that point more succinctly than these words:

“Mum, what’s for dinner?”

It’s way late, I haven’t prepared a thing and oh my god but it’s hard to live in two worlds.

16 thoughts on “That Justin Bieber Moment

  1. Hmm to think bieber went up there and pulled the Michael Jackson. Originality down the crapper. But congrats on being freshly pressed! Apparently its a great honor around here to be. It definitely is like another world in here; full of thoughts and interesting moments full of detail and eloquent writing. Just a refreshment looking back at the shortened words and spam-like presence of the mainstream social media. 😀


  2. The FP moment is indeed a fleeting one but indulge in it as much as you want! A belated welcome to the blogosphere which I’m sure will soon become a place of learning and inspiration for you, just as it has for so many other people. As a new follower, I’m excited to see what you cook up next!


  3. “Why do you ask?” what’s for dinner, I ask.
    “Because I want to know.”
    “Chicken casserole and rice.”

    Put any meal in there and understand why no longer answer the question.

    You are lucky, WP-wise. Enjoy every moment. I’m a follower now.


  4. Most taken by your words “…to live in two worlds”. I SO get that. Blogging in one place or another since ’08, I will say without wince or apology that I am quite addicted to it. But, considering the routine of our “IRL” lives and the surfacey Facebook world we find ourselves in, who wouldn’t get addicted to hanging out in places like this with Soul Mates? Almost makes me wonder which world is more “real”… As much negative as I have to say about technology, this is definitely a “realm” (a new kind of consciousness, perhaps) in which we get to discover each other largely from the inside out. That’s pretty great, and it’s really nice to have “found” you here. 🙂 ~ Bill


    • Now this is interesting! You say a “realm – a new kind of consciousness perhaps” and that is exactly what I’ve been pondering on myself. I too have deep reservations about technology. Yesterday I read an article (in an offline (IRL:-)) magazine New View) called Mysteries of the Written Word by Richard Bunzl. He traces the history of the written word as it has moved from being handwritten (which still retains something of the essence of the person writing it) through to machine printed and now to screen so we have to apply more and more, an active conscious attention to what lives behind the word as it becomes more ethereal and intangible. So perhaps it’s possible to develop a new kind of consciousness when we relate to people we’ll never meet IRL – and not necessarily via Virtual Reality as imagined by William Gibson (have you read him? SF writer)


      • I have not read Gibson, but just looked him up and seems interesting… Also checked out the New View magazine site. Looks interesting too, though unable to access the piece without a subscription. / Over the past five years I’ve made some really great connections through blogging. A couple of them actually lead to purchases of art and crafts. In this was a sense of transference of “touch” in the idea “from their hands to mine.” And there is a kind of…energy…in that. I’m happy for having “met” all of them, and, as time has moved on and so have we, a few of them remain “friends”, and a few don’t, and I actually miss the ones I’m not connected with anymore, remembering them fondly. Remembering the smiles they gave me that might not have been there otherwise. And, yet, there is this sense of sort of being a ghost, and never really being able to material-ize in each others lives (at least in most cases, I suppose), and there is a real and tangible part of being human that is terribly under-served in it all. (sigh) But, here I am, online, doing this, so there is obviously something in me that IS being wonderfully served as well. (sigh again) (smile). There is a part of me that only comes out to play here (in blogging and social media), and now that he’s seen the light of day and breathed its fresh air, there’s no putting him back in the box… haha! I’ve tried that, and it’s like torture… (and sigh again…). 🙂


      • Yes, I like how you put it – “something is still being served in us” but notice how we put IRL stuff in inverted commas as if we know deep down its still not real enough: “touch” “met” “friends” – which I guess relates to your poem “Touch” which is exactly about that – when physically separate, what exactly can we share (except that possible molecule of air)? (I’m holding myself back from putting share in ” “) Novertheless, there IS a certain exchange of energy that happens…

        What comes to me is the idea of a certain freedom that can be played out in a very public way, we can be something, play and experiment, can experience ourselves differently out here – and in that way we can be served. And perhaps how we are here can translate into something useful IRL! Glad you are out the box 🙂


      • That we “experience ourselves differently out here”. (!!) I really like that. That’s a great insight.


  5. It’s ok you forgot to make dinner Nina – you had your moment of Bieberness, and that is what counts! We will have to come up with a name for your followers – like Bieber fans are Beliebers. My thinking cap is on, I need to belong to a “group” to be valid – just kidding. What I like about your writing, besides the writing being good, is that it is so real, like just hanging out with you over a cup of tea and chatting. Keep it up!


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